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Fake Butterfly & Berry Bowl article

There have been copied Butterfly & Berry large bowls, found in two colors to date: a white opalescent (with a milky look to it) and a dark amethyst.

They are not easily identified by any one thing, but here are two hints:

  • Most apparent is that the sawtooth edge is lacking in definition
  • The two colors mentioned (White opalescent & Amethyst)

Fenton’s old Butterfly & Berry large bowls come in a very scarce white, usually described as ‘frosty’ looking (NOT the milky white opalescent) and are also harder to find in Amethyst (and are usually a see-thru amethyst color, not a dark, dark purple).

This is the fake white opalescent bowl (note the very milky white feet in the picture of the bottom):

These bowls were imported and sold by A&A Imports.