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Dugan – Little Pieces by Ingrid Spurrier

This information is from the daily Hooked on Carnival mail list dated 7-14-2021 and reprinted with permission from Ingrid Spurrier.

Hi Brian and All,

For tonight, a few little pieces and some quirks.  I’ll start with a flock of little plates:  back to front:  Fishscale and Beads, Honeycomb and Beads.  Cherries, Wishbone and Spades, Question Marks, Petal and Fan, Cherries, and Amaryllis, all in purple.  Silly question, has anyone seen a crimped Fishscale and Beads or Wishbone and Spades plate?  How about a non-crimped Honeycomb and Beads, Cherries or Petal and Fan plate?  Why are there no larger plates in Cherries or Petal and Fan?  Or, maybe they’re out there, somewhere…

Compotes and compote plates…Question Marks in marigold and purple, compote plates.

Purple crimped Folding Fan and Starfish compotes (and the Question Marks again).

Peach Opal crimped plates (?) in Folding Fan and Question Marks and crimped two-sided Starfish compote.

Silly questions:  has anyone seen a p.o. Folding Fan in another shape?  How about a p.o. crimped Question Marks with exterior patterns?  Do you care that of 25 p.o. Starfish compotes in the Database, only one is crimped, the rest are ruffled?

Sometimes when I get started on a project I get a little carried away.  Just ask…well, never mind.

Take care All.