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Dugan – Beaded Basket,Coin Spot,Target by Ingrid Spurrier

This information is from the daily Hooked on Carnival mail list dated 7-23-2021 and reprinted with permission from Ingrid Spurrier.

Hi Brian and All,

Yesterday was a good day. I got to visit long time Carnival friends I haven’t seen in eighteen months.

While I’m mentioning blue, here are my Beaded Baskets in purple, marigold and blue. Then, Coin Spot compotes in purple and blue. The “spots” on the purple compote are plain and the ones on the blue are stippled. Finishing off today with my Target vases in blue, white and purple.

I have been getting tremendous enjoyment from our Daily Dugan Delights. Some days I am so jealous. So much fabulous colour. So many great patterns and unusual shapes. I want more!

Stay well Everyone and keep sending in your photos.
Thanks, Ingrid.

Stippling/Stippled: An artistic effect on the mould that results in the blank space in the pattern appearing to have a rough, sandy appearance.