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Cow Miniature – Jerry & Carol Curtis

From the Jerry & Carol Curtis Carnival Glass Miniature (HOACGA Project) page 10/21/21
Shared with permission from HOACGA

Maker: Unknown
color: Marigold [very rare]
H= 2 7/8″ L= 4 1/8″ W= 1 1/2″
Cat: Miniature
Courtesy: J&C Curtis
*My dad always referred to our family milk cow as “you old hussy” as she was very difficult to work with. Please read the interesting history of this little treasure in the comments below.

Jerry Curtis 8y
Here are comments from the previous owner:

I have collected carnival glass since 1964. Only once, years ago, have I seen this cow in a book, but I’ve never seen another one in person. (it was someone else’s book on glass animals, and I’ve never been able to find a copy for myself…the book said this cow was rare) Other collectors I’ve spoken with say they have heard of the cow, but have never seen one either.

This cow was a birthday gift to my grandmother, Rosa [xxxx], from her brother, sometime before 1910. She moved to Beaumont, Texas in 1903, from Tripoli, Lebanon, and married in 1904. Being from the ‘old country’, she naturally took care of her things, and kept them her whole life. This cow was most likely bought at Weller’s Hotel Supply and Gift Shop, in Beaumont (closed now for many years).

My father, her son, told me he remembered seeing it on his mother’s dresser in the mid 20’s. It was given to me when she died, in 1968.

Jerry Curtis 8y
At the Texas convention last week I met another couple from Texas that also had one of these Elsie Cow paperweights. Chances are it came from the same store or a neighboring community as did this one. Keep your eyes peeled as these are very rare.