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Confusing Dugan Patterns – Hooked on Carnival (with Larry Keig and Barbara Harriman)

Among a few of the confusing back patterns, it seems that Dugan did it best!

Caroline – this exterior pattern comes on 8-9″ bowls and baskets. Bowls come in 2 Sides up, 3n1, Crimped, Ruffled or Tri-cornered.
The interior is smooth rays all the way to the center.
On the exterior there are:
– Lines from a six pointed star around the base, inside each star point is a small flower in a circle
The base contains a 9 pointed flower.

Daisy Dear – this exterior pattern comes on 7-8″ eight ruffled bowls or JIP bowls (often called a hat shape). The interior is plain.
On the exterior there are 4 mold sections, each with:
– A 5-petaled open flower
– 2 fern-like fronds
– 2 broad leaves
The base contains 5 balloon like petals and a button center.

Single Flower – this exterior pattern comes in handled baskets and bowls measuring about 9″. The bowls can be tri-cornered, ruffled, crimped and 3n1. The interior is plain.
On the exterior there are:
– 3 groups of two fully open 5-petal flowers on wavy stems
– 2 buds
– 4 interspersed leaves
The base contains 3 open flowers and 9 leaves.

Single Flower Framed – this exterior pattern comes in bowls and crimped, handgrip plates. The bowls measure about 7″. The plates are usually about 7-7 1/2″.
The interior is rayed (sharp rays).
On the exterior there are:
– 3 sets of single 5-petal flowers on straight stems
– 2 buds and leaves
– STIPPLED wavy fan-like frames
The base contains a 3 petaled, wavy leafed flower (made up of 4 wavy lines).

Triplets – this exterior pattern comes in 7″ ruffled bowls (some deeper bowls are 6 ruffle and called hat shape).
On the exterior there are 3 mold sections.
Each has:
– A 6-petaled open flower
– A large veined leaf on each side
The base contains a duplicate of the flowers on the side (6-petaled, dotted center button).

The easy way to tell the difference??? Look at the bottom!


There is one more thing of interest: a variation of the Single Flower Framed. This bowl sold at Seeck Auction in November of 2013. Although thought to be a Triplets Variant, it actually appears to be a Single Flower Framed Variant.

Barbara Harriman offers this opinion:
“This bowl which was sold at a Jim Seeck auction on 11/16/13 is what I think is an early trial/variant of Single Flower Framed. It definitely is NOT Triplets or a Triplets Variant.

One reason I think this is an early trial is because the same pattern was made in blue and white opalescent glass by Dugan around 1910. Further, the opalescent version which was named Laura by Rose Presznick also did not have the sharp rays in the interior just like this carnival bowl Jim Seeck sold. As you know, the normal carnival glass version of Single Flower Framed has sharp rays in the interior. Most importantly of course, the exterior pattern on this bowl Jim Seeck sold is exactly the same as Dugan’s Single Flower Framed.

Single Flower Framed gets its name from its exterior pattern which is the primary pattern. The sharp rays on the interior are secondary in this case.

I have attached three of my pictures of a white opalescent Laura/Single Flower Framed bowl I purchased to study the pattern. You will note the obvious similarity to the carnival bowl Jim sold.

By the way, it is possible that this bowl sold by Jim Seeck is Vaseline but we could only be certain by asking the lucky owner (whoever that is) to test it with a black light.

I hope that helps. I would be very grateful to see this beautiful bowl properly identified once and for all.”