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Canada Dry Bottle Display

Hooked on Carnival

One of the best things about collecting is the fun of finding something you have never seen before. Canada Dry bottles are not real hard to find,  bottles with the labels are a bit more difficult. But – how difficult is it to find a display that possibly sat on a counter, a bar, or maybe even a table where they gave out samples! At first glance, it looks like this display was for Canada Dry’s Sparkling Orange drink. But the display shown is for another beverage sold at about the same time as the Canada Dry Sparking Orange (Mission Dry apparently had three different flavors to choose from). Someone has gotten creative and put together a marriage – a display for one product and bottles in the display from another!

Store Display for Mission Dry listing all Three Flavors (bottles in the display are all Canada Dry’s Sparkling Orange)

Mission Dry Sparkling:
Orange, Lemon or Grapefruit

Sometimes you can enjoy mixing it up a little bit. It is a creative way to display some Canada Dry bottles.

Good luck! Have fun looking and let us know if you see something interesting.