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Butterfly Bush Compotes (Crown Crystal-Australia)

Butterfly Bush Compotes (Crown Crystal-Australia)

The Butterfly Bush compotes (not to be confused with the other variations that include Butterfly Bush & Christmas Bells, Butterfly Bush & Flannel Flower or Butterfly Bush & Waratah) come in 3 sizes.

The pattern consists of 5 leafy flower clusters circling the center, each containing 1 butterfly (body to the right). In the center is a stylized butterfly, wings spread. This one is easy!
A butterfly in the middle with 5 butterflies in bushes! Butterfly Bush!

The only reported shapes are compotes, and there are 3 sizes of compote.
The easiest to identify is the small compote:
The center butterfly is a simpler pattern (not as elaborate)

They measure about 4 ½” tall
They have a knob above the base (below left)

The exterior pattern is Broken Chain ( row of backward S type links).

The medium and large compotes used the same plunger to make the interior pattern. The main difference seems to be the distance from the outside edge to the start of the pattern – the pattern is closer to the edge on the medium.Height may be another identifier (not enough examples to determine at this time).

Medium & Large compotes:
They have an elaborate butterfly with curly antennae (below right)

They measure 6 ½” to 7 ½” tall and are about 9-10” across the top
They have a flared pedestal base with a ring near the bowl on top (below right)

The exterior pattern is Rays

MORE Butterfly Bush patterns

The simple concept of the 5 floral groups containing a butterfly was also used on 3 other unique patterns:

Butterfly Bush & Flannel Flower (often just called Flannel Flower) has the same flower grouping as the Butterfly Bush large and medium compotes with the body of the butterfly facing right but in the center is a 10 petal Flannel Flower (native Australian flower). It is a large compote standing about 7” tall with a 4 ¾” base and 8-10” across the top. The exterior is the Rays pattern (same as the Butterfly Bush medium and large sized compotes).

Butterfly Bush & Christmas Bells (often just called Christmas Bells) is a small compote. It measures about 3 ¼” – 4 ¼” tall, is about 71/2” to 8” across. The stem has a knob near the bottom and the exterior is the Broken Chain pattern. The 5 floral clusters with the butterfly body facing left circle the interior – and in the center are 2 stems with groups of flowers called Christmas Bells (Australian flowers).

Butterfly Bush and Waratah (often just called Waratah) is the remaining pattern, found only in a compote shape. It is a large compote, standing about 6 ½” tall, 9-10” across. The 5 floral bushes with left bodied butterflies go around the center. In the center is a stem with leaves and a Waratah flower (Australian native).

The exterior pattern is Hobnail and Cane.