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Blackberry (Miniature) – Fenton

Fenton made a small piece that measures from 2 to 2 1/4″ tall that contains a circular spray of blackberries and leaves with a plain center. The exterior is wide panel. The base is a plain octagon with a short pedestal up to the bowl. Sometimes they are flattened (and called a plate) or the compote can be found flared,ICS or a scarce tri-cornered edge treatment. So the detective in Gary Sullivan took him this direction when he saw something interesting!

by Gary Sullivan

I bought this small Flute compote in a Sheffield on line auction. My initial thought was that it was the absentee Blackberry piece pulled up into a small bowl shape. You could call it a stemmed rosebowl as the bowl is slightly cupped in. But I am thinking not now. The bases are the same shape, but the absentee Blackberry’s lines or edges in the base are very crisp and almost sharp. The edges on the base of the flute compote are not crisp as they are rounded without a distinguishing edge line.

The top edge of the Absentee Blackberry is scalloped and the top of the Flute compote is straight across. Although very similar they do not seem to have come from the same mold.