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Lead Lustre is an Imperial Glass Company line that used defined shapes/sizes with multiple finishes (called Decor’s). The line was introduced in 1925 (the precursor was their Free Hand line, not molded, introduced in 1924, much more expensive to make and thus replaced with Lead Lustre).

It is believed that this line was only produced for one year (but remaining inventory was sold until 1929). All pieces have a polished pontil (they are art glass).

Here are the shapes and heights for those specific shapes:

There are 10 decors: Leaf & Vine, Festoons, Marbleized, Monochromatic, Wheel Cut, Green with Crizzled Top, Abstract, Cut Top with Flat Bottom, Spider Webbing & Miscellaneous Other.

Under Monochromatic (which we tend to think of as carnival glass looking), the decors are:

  • Decors #5 & #51: Dark green – with bright orange interior or with yellow-green lustre interior, respectively.
  • Decors #35 & #38: Canary yellow – with bright orange interior or with orange satin interior, respectively.

These vases are in the Decor #20 & Decor #37 range

  • Decor #20: Orange, inside & outside
  • Decor #37: Satin orange on opal iridescent exterior & canary satin interior.

And these are in Decor #10

  • Decor #10: Brilliant blue glaze, inside and outside.
  • Decors #30 & #32: Blue, with bright orange interior or with orange satin  interior, respectively.
  • Decor #31: Gray iridescent with bright orange interior.
  • Decors #40 & #44: Opal with yellow-green iridescence and bright orange interior or with gray interior, respectively.
  • Decor #60 & #61: Mulberry with with bright orange interior or with orange satin interior, respectively.

For more of this information, please use this valuable resource:


Photos and information used came from the Imperial Art Glass website at Imperial Art Glass website and were used with permission.