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Forty Niner


Very few pieces of this pattern have been uncovered. Shown are a decanter, underplate, and two tumblers. The set would probably have had stemmed cordials originally. Also known in a water set. Bob Smith found this set in a Prague antique shop. The maker is believed to be Rinskopf. On the right is a set with the cordial glasses sent by Kim and Bob Barnes. A similar set in marigold sold in 2012 for $350.

[column-third-1]Cordial set, 7 piece
Marigold, 400 (1998), 350 (2012)

Marigold, 60 (2003)[/column-third-1]

Marigold, light irid., 145 (2000)
Marigold, 1 tumbler, 300 (2005)

Marigold, 140 (1998), 13 (1999)[/column-third-2]

[column-third-3]Powder jar
Marigold, 95 (2014)[/column-third-3]

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