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Fleur de Lis #5, Imperial


In old Imperial catalogs this pattern was numbered 5 1/2, although collectors refer to it as Fleur de Lis #5 or Banded Fleur de Lis. While many shapes were shown, not all were made in Carnival. The only three known Carnival shapes are the 6-inch celery vase and ruffled bowl shown here, both in marigold, plus round bowls.

[column-half-1]Celery vase
Marigold, 135 (2005), 240 (2009), 40 (2010)[/column-half-1]

Marigold, ruffled, 55 (2000), 25 (2010)
Marigold, round, 20 (2013)[/column-half-2]

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