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Contemporary (new patterns)
These are patterns that are not reissues from older molds but patterns that were created since about 1960. In some cases, they may be from older pressed glass molds from which original production was not iridized.
Acorn Spooner, Mosser
Alley Cats, Fenton

Alpine Thistle vases, Fenton

American Craftsman plate series, Fenton

Atlantis vases, Fenton

Autumn Oaks vase, Imperial

Beaded Melon vase, Fenton

Bells for HOACGA, Fenton

Bird in Cage covered jar

Boy/Girl bookends

Cherokee Strip Museum plate

Cherry and Lattice

Christmas in America plate series, Fenton

Christmas plate series, Imperial

Chrysanthemum Planter, Fenton

Corn vase, Imperial

Craftsman plates, Fenton

Cupid plate

Daffodil vases, Fenton

Dogwood vase, Fenton

Dolphins vase

Drama (Masque) vase, Imperial

Drapery (Curtains), Fenton

Drape and Tie, Fenton

Elite vase, Fenton

Fine Cut and Grape rosebowl, Fenton

Fairy Tale plate

Garden of Eden plate, Fenton

Hearts and Flowers, Fenton
Hobstar, Fenton

Imperial Grape

Indiana Harvest

Indiana Heirloom

Indiana, other

Jonquil vase, Imperial

Lace vases, Imperial

La Bella Rose vase, Imperial

LGW (Lausitzer Glas Werke) vases

Monuments plates, Imperial

Mother’s Day plates, Fenton

Octagon vases, Imperial

Olde Virginia Glass, Fenton

Patriot Planter, Fenton

Smith plates

Strawberry toothpick holders, Fenton

Sundial vase, Imperial

Tricorn vase, Imperial

Twelve Days of Christmas plate series, Imperial

Whirling Hobstar vases, Fenton

Whirling Star vases, Smith

Wild Strawberry candy jars, Fenton