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Tavern-Flute and Rings Candlesticks Revisited

By Lance Hilkene


I loved your article on your Flute and Rings candleholders. I have five pairs: three are 9 1/4″ tall and two pairs are 7 1/2″ tall. Two pairs of 9 1/4 and 7 1/2 have a light watery iridescence on crystal. These both have a brocaded pattern on the outside of the stem and base. One 9 1/4″ pair is a frosty yellow with an unfrosted yellow glass bowl. One 9 1/4″ pair is a frosty lavender with a non-frosted bowl. One 7 1/2″ tall pair has a lavender bowl with a frosty ice blue stem and bowl.

From left to right: lavender 9 1/4” features frosty lavender with non-frosted bowl, 7 1/2” frosty yellow with unfrosted bowls, and the unusual 7 1/2” frosty ice blue stem with unfrosted lavender bowl.

These two sets feature the light watery iridescence, but also have a brocaded pattern on the stems and bases.

Your pair of candlesticks are quite unusual. Flute and Rings are also known by the name No. 83 Tavern. I believe this was the name Duncan and Miller gave them. This company did a lot of different finishing. There is a lot of information about candlesticks in the Glass Candlestick Book by Tom Felt and Elaine and Rich Stoer. There are three volumes alphabetically by maker. Good reference to have.

Photos courtesy of Lance Hilkene.

This article first appeared in the ICGA Pump in the March 2019 issue and is reprinted with permission.