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Block Band

By David Kastor

I’ve been enjoying the discussion of Block Band in the ICGA Pump. I ran across the pattern while I was collecting pattern glass. The pattern can also be found in ruby and amber stain and may also be engraved with designs or souvenir writing.

To my knowledge the marigold pieces always have the enameled flowers. There are quite a few different shapes available: water sets (pitcher and tumblers), table sets (creamer, sugar, butter, spooner, and celery vase), large and small bowls, syrups, goblets, wines, and different sizes of compotes. As noted by Lee Markley, the enameling on Riverside’s X-Ray pattern is very close to the enameling on Block Band.

 On the left is a five-piece water set in the Block Band pattern on the right are three pieces with enameling. 

The large grouping of the Block Band pattern includes the table set, two fairly good-sized compotes, a syrup, and berry bowl.

On the left is the X- Ray pattern, a set of amber stained Block Band with no enameling, and on the right is grouping of ruby stained Block Band items. These last two photos are not carnival.

Photos are by David Kastor

This article first appeared in the ICGA Pump in the December 2019 issue and is reprinted with permission.