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HoC Media promotes iridized glass with our daily mailing list (with over 425 household subscribers and growing daily), our Facebook page (with more than 5500 followers with an interest in iridized glass: carnival old and new, as well as stretch glass), auction broadcasts (both live and recorded), convention activities (current and past seminars), our website (containing carnival glass prices) and our Doctor Glass episodes (educating collectors weekly with some great humor). Do you want the best promoters of iridized glass to help you promote your business, club or event? We’re here to help!

For more information about what lower thirds, video commercials or banner ads email us at or

Live Auctions (Prices are per-auction/day)
• Lower Thirds (For-Profit): $200, minimum of 5 viewings (1 Minute each)
• Lower Thirds (Non-Profit): $50, minimum of 3 viewings (1 Minute Each)
• Lower Thirds (Exclusive): $1,000, regardless of type of entity (does not include Banner Ad) Every 15 minutes (for 1 minute)
• Video Commercial: $500, minimum of 3 viewings, limited to 30 seconds
• Commercial Creation: $500
• Banner Ad on $250, (this banner will be displayed on the live page during the auction only and will run for the entire time the auction is broadcasting)

Mailing List Advertising
This includes a picture (sized to fit space) and information about auction/event
• Advertising message (no Pictures included with this option)on mail list: $25 (max 50 times per year (Jan 1st to Dec 31st))
• Top Banner (Monthly): $500
• Top Banner (Annual): $5,000
• Top Banner (Weekly): $200
• Top Banner (Daily) $25 (Minimum of 2 day/week)(Sponsors pick days)
• Mid Banner (Monthly): $100 ($10/day, $45/week)
• Mid Banner (Annual): $1,000

Any monthly and yearly banner ads will include Facebook posts three times per month

Sponsorship for Online Productions (Example: Doctor Glass)
• $250 per episode (Profit) or 3 episodes for $600
• $100 per episode (for non-profit) or 3 episodes for $250

Seminar Filming and Website Design
• We also offer seminar and event filming, along with website design.

If you have custom ideas/needs for promoting iridized glass, We are here to help.