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Votive Candle Lights, Cristalerias de Mexico

Manufacturer: Cristalerias de Mexico
Year(s) of Production: Unknown
Pattern Description: Cylindrical pedestaled vase with a cross on one side and a bleeding heart on the other.
Similar Patterns:
Shapes in Database: Votive
Colors in Database*: Marigold

*Not all colors are available in every shape.

About Votive Candle Light

The Votive Light is a small cylinder shaped vase that is used to hold a votive candle. These stemmed, pedastal footed pieces are 4 3/8 inches tall.

Other names for this Mexician piece are the Sacred Heart of Jesus Votive and Bleeding Heart Votive. It is marked with M inside the C. One side had the raised cross and the other side has a heart with a wreath of thorn that appears to be bleeding.