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Vining Leaf, Rosice

Manufacturer: Rosice
Year(s) of Production: Circa 1930
Pattern Description: Vertical panels with two horizontal lines which form a band on the upper section of the exterior. Between these two lines are scroll like leaves.
Similar Patterns: Rosice Heavy Vine
Shapes in Database: Spittoon, Vase
Colors in Database*: Marigold

*Not all colors are available in every shape.

About Vining Leaf

The pattern is made up of wide vertical panels split by a horizontal band with scroll like leaves.
Made by Rosice (a Czechoslovakian company) probably in the early 1930's. Some of the pieces have frosted bands (see difference-viningleaf).

Vining Leaf. The frosted version will have iridized leaves and a satiny frosting on the rest of the band.