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Savannah, Unknown

Manufacturer: Unknown
Year(s) of Production: Unknown
Pattern Description: 9 panels, scalloped on both ends.
Similar Patterns:
About Savannah

This simple flute-like pattern is found only in a vase. Some have a round base with 9 rounded panels (looking like a flower) that continue up the side ending just below the top. The top of the panels is very subtle and will not be visible on some because of the shaping. The vases measure between 6-7″ tall and have a 2 1/4″ base. The edge is smooth. The edge treatment can be JIP, Square or Tri-cornered. There is a variation that apparently was made to sit in a holder (a lily) that is 6″ tall but does not have the base. They are known shaped with 2 sides up.

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