Doctor Glass

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Season 3

Season 3, Episode 1 (What is stippling?)
The new season kicks off, and everyone is in a festive mood after their summer vacation. The Doctor is back to help, but who is the weirdo who has been hanging around outside the lab, a stalker? Watch the Season 3 premier to find out.



Season 3, Episode 2 (What are common auction abbreviations?)
A great question starts the Doctor off on a series of episodes about common auction abbreviations, but a weird interruption by technology may make things a little dark for awhile. Will the Doctor be able to continue, or is he too tied up? Watch this episode to find out!



Season 3, Episode 3 (All Goofus All the Time)
Who the heck is that? Is that a cat with him? Where is Doctor Glass? Is that Goofus glass he’s showing? What the heck is going on here and where are the regulars on the show? You are going to have to see this for yourself!



Season 3, Episode 4 (The Goofusness Continues)
Mr. Ping continues to demand that everyone collects Goofus Glass, as well as demanding the creation of Goofus clubs. Meanwhile, Doctor Glass is nowhere to be seen. Is this the end of both carnival and Doctor glass? You just have to watch and find out.



Season 3, Episode 5 (Confusing Fenton Patterns)
The Doctor is back! With Mr. Ping nowhere to be seen, Glass has a backlog of questions to answer, and the viewer who writes in today gets certain Fenton patterns confused. Can Glass help us out? Tune in and see if he’s just pulling your (Leaf or Cherry?) Chain!



Season 3, Episode 6 (Midsize Squatty Funeral Vases)
With things back to normal, Doctor Glass takes a moment to answer the biggest question about Midsize Squatty Funeral vases: do they exist or are they actually three completely different sizes that do not mix? Hit play to find out!



Season 3, Episode 7 (Confusing Vase Patterns)
Last week, Doctor Glass explained the differences in sizes in carnival glass vases. This week, he uses the same three vases to explain the differences in the patterns that people often get confused with each other. Hit play to end the confusion!



Season 3, Episode 8 (Color Abbreviations)
Color abbreviations can be incredibly confusing (BA, AO, BO, PBO, M, OMG!) This week, Doctor Glass pulls out his dictionary and helps you figure out exactly what color is what, and he does it PDQ! Confused? Watch this episode and learn of our colorful carnival world!



Season 3, Episode 9 (Classic vs. Contemporary)
One of the most confusing parts when starting your carnival collecting journey is figuring out which pieces are old (classic) and which are new (contemporary.) Have no fear, the doctor (Glass, of course) is here to help you learn the difference. Check out this week’s episode and see the differences!



Season 3, Episode 10 (Rose bowl vs. Basket)
Rose bowls and baskets can be very similar in many ways, which causes some confusion among new collectors. Have no fear, the Doctor is here. This week, Doctor Glass analyzes rose bowls and baskets to give you the differences so your confusion will never appear again. Click play to learn!



Season 2

201Season 2, Episode 1 (How much does damage matter? More cordials)
The new season kicks off, but is Doctor Glass even a part of it? Last season, Tasha hosted the season finale on her own and some people thought it was the end of Glass. Will he return? Will everything be cool? Watch the Season 2 premier to find out.



Season 2, Episode 2 (How can you tell old carnival glass from newer carnival glass?)
Things seem to be back to normal, but with Glass, that won’t inevitably last long. In this episode, he tries to explain the difference between old and new, but is he talking about carnival glass? And what is the difference between the two? Tune in to find out!



203Season 2, Episode 3 (What is vintage carnival glass?)
Alright, it’s getting weird in this episode. Is the Doctor going through a dark time, or does he just need to turn the lights on to get to the bottom of things? And does his future hold fortune or something else? Tune in to find out!



204Season 2, Episode 4 (What’s the difference between vaseline carnival and carnival that glows?)
The Doctor just doesn’t seem like he’s all there in this episode. Does he feel like things are tied behind his back, or does he really need someone to lend him a hand? And will that make a difference in his attitude towards his minions? Tune in to find out!



205Season 2, Episode 5 (What’s the best way to clean carnival glass?)
Things seem back to normal around the labs (perhaps it’s that everyone is outside for a spell), but someone is creeping around. And why does the Doctor have a strong desire for a lot of vodka as soon as possible? Tune in to find out!



206Season 2, Episode 6 (Funeral vases and plunger bases.)
Parlez vous, carnival glass? Can Tasha talk? If so, what on earth is she saying (and what language is that?) And what’s up with the elephant (foot) in the room? Tune in to find out!



207Season 2, Episode 7 (Moulds and carnival glass.)
Who’s hungry? Good! This episode has plenty of cooking and even a carnival glass food throw down! But is it delicious, edible or possible death for Mr. Camera? And what is Glass to do? Tune in to find out!



208Season 2, Episode 8 (What is a heat check?)
Some cracks start to appear in the good Doctor’s foundation, but is it possible that maybe they are just heat checks? What’s the difference, and could it effect the upcoming election? Tune in to find out!



209Season 2, Episode 9 (Carnival Glass Variants)
It’s election time in the United States and the laboratory has a presidential candidate (or two) of it’s own. Who’s in the race and who just wants to campaign in this endless race? Tune in to find out!



210Season 2, Episode 10 (Carnival Glass Salt & Pepper Shakers)
Someone in the laboratory is in love, but is it a match made in Heaven or more of a disaster waiting to happen? Things get pretty hairy in this one, but will love bloom and bring us a happy ending? Tune in to find out!



211Season 2, Episode 11 (Variants vs. Whimseys)
What does one do when the sweet promise of love turns into the sour taste of bitterness, despair and oblivion? Talk about carnival glass, of course! But is this feeling a variant of whimsy? Tune in to find out!



212Season 2, Episode 12 (Carnival Glass Birthmarks, Bruises, Checks and Crizzles)
It’s turkey time in the laboratory, but are the vultures circling? And if your carnival glass piece has a birthmark, should you give thanks, or just give it away? Tune in to find out!



Season 2, Episode 13 (Pattern Strike)
In a post-turkey haze, things can get very fuzzy, especially the strike on your piece of carnival glass, resulting in a less than optimum pattern display. But does that make a difference to Doctor Glass and the crew, or is it up to you? Tune in to find out!



Season 2, Episode 14 (Fleabites)
This week’s episode looks at the term fleabite, but is that in reference to damage on a piece of glass as described by an auctioneer, or is it what Boris’ little friends like to do. And who is hungry for seafood? Tune in to find out!



Season 2, Episode 15 (Confusing Descriptions)
This week’s episode looks at confusing descriptions that seem to describe several types of pieces, or rather, several different descriptions may seem to describe the same piece. Confused? Click play to learn the differences.



Season 2, Episode 16 (A Carnival Christmas Carol)
This week’s episode looks at the relationships we all have with others in the carnival glass collecting world. Sometimes, mistakes of the past (and the present) can lead to a haunting future. Click play to learn a great collecting lesson.



Season 2, Episode 17 (Iridized on one side)
This week’s episode takes a look at how much iridescence is enough to make it carnival glass. Click play to learn about both side of the coin (er, glass).



Season 2, Episode 18 (Difference between Breakfast Set & Table Set)
This week’s episode takes a look at the difference between a Breakfast Set and a Table Set. Click play to see if you can tell the difference.



Season 2, Episode 19 (Feet descriptions – Part 1)
This week’s episode has a ‘woman on the street’ interview with Natasha (can’t WAIT to see her!) AND Dr. Glass will test your knowledge on carnival glass foots (er, feet?). Click play to test your knowledge.



Season 2, Episode 20 (Feet descriptions – Part 2)
This week’s episode will make you ponder why a question about feet could possibly make Dr. Glass blow his top (or part of it!). Watch here to see more carnival glass feet – would that be a feet repeat? Nope, you can’t repeat this feat!!



Season 1

episode-101Season 1, Episode 1 (What is Carnival Glass?)
This debut episode introduces you to Doctor Glass, possibly a genius, possibly not, who will show you beautiful carnival glass and teach you a little something about it, all with the help of his someone transparent friends…




Season 1, Episode 2 (Wines and cordials; what’s a sawtooth edge?)
Episode 2 finds Doctor Glass in a wine cellar? What on earth could possibly take him “down under” among the oak barrels with a hint of cherry, molasses and possibly a few tobacco and rose notes? Tune it and find out!




Season 1, Episode 3 (What is a squatty Tree Trunk vase? Definition of bowl vs plate)
Episode 3 finds Doctor Glass trying to be the dutiful husband, but when talking about things such as people spitting in carnival glass, how does one juggle marital bliss with indelicate actions by some with bodily needs? Tune in and find out!




Season 1, Episode 4 (Spittoons & nappy’s)
Episode 4 finds Doctor Glass in the library trying to do some research, but does all the research actually stick in his head, or does he even have a clue as to where he is? Tune into this week’s episode and find out of he can stay on track!




Season 1, Episode 5 (Dishes with 2 handles (bonbons) Shaving mug vs standard mugs. Carafes vs decanters)
Episode 5 finds Doctor Glass under the sea to find even more helpful information for carnival glass collectors. But will the lack of oxygen effect his ability to think? Tune into this week’s episode to see if he is just in a bunch of hot water!




Season 1, Episode 6 (What is a funeral vase? What are the different sizes of plates?)
Episode 6 finds the good Doctor starts kind of spaced out, but will he snap out of it in time for a helpful hint about carnival glass? Tune into this week’s episode to see if he can find enough enlightenment to discuss carnival glass!



Season 1, Episode 7 (What’s a water pitcher? Edges defined)
Episode 7 finds both the Doctor and Boris in the Big Apple. What glass will they find there? Tune into this week’s episode to see if the big city and Doctor Glass can be in the same place at the same time and hold a lot of carnival glass!



Season 1, Episode 8 (What is PCE (Pie Crust Edge))? Memphis Fruit set vs Punch Set. ICS (Ice Cream Shape))
Episode 8 finds Boris and the Doctor on a tear, so who will win? And will they find a way to work together again? Tune into this week’s episode to see if the Doctor likes Fenton, or if Fenton likes him!



Season 1, Episode 9 (Difference between peach opal, marigold on moonstone, marigold on milkglass; Talk about a press mould)
Episode 9 finds the Doctor and Boris burying the hatchet this week, but where??? Tune into this week’s episode to see if there can be peace in the Doctor’s world, or has the “fun” just begun!



Season 1, Episode 10 (What’s a rose bowl? Are there Carnival Glass lamps?)
Episode 10 finds that someone is back, but is that a good thing for the Doctor? Tune into this week’s episode to see if this return is a happy one, or will there be broken glass!



Season 1, Episode 11 (Identify difference between rose bowl/hair receiver; which company made the most red?)
Episode 11 arrives and the Doctor gets pizza. But was he the one who ordered it??? Tune into this week’s episode to see if who will be footing the bill for this employee party.



Season 1, Episode 12 (Has carnival glass been reproduced? Difference between Northwood Grape & Cable standard/tankard tumblers)
In Episode 12, Tasha’s fingers are showing, but someone on the phone is taking a toll on the good Doctor. Tune into this week’s episode to see how he will survive this week.



Season 1, Episode 13 (Strawberry bonbons; Candy Ribbon Edge)
In Episode 13, opportunity calls for Doctor Glass. But should he answer, or should he run for his life? Tune into this week’s episode to see what he decides this week.



Season 1, Episode 14 (What’s a compote? Confusing patterns:Identify Nippon & Peacock Tail)
In Episode 14, the Doctor faces a whole lot of cleanup in the aftermath of answering when opportunity called. Will he be able to stay on the right side of the law? Tune into this week’s episode to see how he fares this week.



Season 1, Episode 15 (What is ‘banded’ Northwood Grape & Cable?Confusing patterns:Identify Captive Rose & Persian Medallion)
In Episode 15, the Doctor tries to get back on track and focused on carnival glass. But an impending visit may just throw him further into turmoil. Tune into this week’s episode to see if he can pull it together this week.



Season 1, Episode 16 (What is marigold? Uses of a blacklight in carnival glass)
In Episode 16, a visitor brings a chance for peace, or is it turmoil? Tune into this week’s episode to see what could possibly happen now.



Season 1, Episode 17 (What’s a dresser set, are iridized candleholders carnival glass?)
In Episode 17, Doctor Glass faces tax time, and someone offers a helping hand. Should he take it? Tune into this week’s episode to see if he can get by with a little help from his friends.



Season 1, Episode 18 (What is stippling? What’s a ‘swung’ vase?)
In Episode 18, something is proving a little “taxing” to the Doctor. Is he headed back to jail? Tune into this week’s episode to see if the long arm of the law will find its way to him again.



Season 1, Episode 19 (Identify Northwood Fruits&Flowers vs Three Fruits, Identify Imperial Grape)
In Episode 19, there’s a strike brewing, and Doctor Glass needs to make some decisions before things get out of hand. Tune into this week’s episode to see if he can keep his staff happy and functioning.



Season 1, Episode 20 (Tobacco Jar/Cracker Jar and Bonbon/Nappy)
In the season finale, things get a little weird. Tasha has a proposal for the Doctor, but will he see right through her? Tune into this week’s episode for insight into what’s clearly happening here.