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Rib and Panel, Fenton


I've seen this pattern in a number of different configurations and at least two different base sizes. The vases once sold in the $25 to $40 range, but in the late 1990s a book reported them to be variants of the much more rare and desirable Imperial Colonial Lady–which they are NOT. These have now been found in a 1909 Sears Roebuck Catalog advertisement, allowing us to attribute them to Fenton. Once believed to be depression era, they are actually one of the earliest carnival patterns.

Spittoon whimsies similar to the one shown above left sold in 2007 for $55, $165, and $300 and in 2009 for $40 and $110. In 2013, an example sold for $45.

Marigold, 8-inch, 13 (2011), 10, 15 (both 2012), 60 (2013), 30 (2015)
Marigold, 5-5 1/2-inch, 28 (2012), 50 (2014)

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