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Imperial Lace Vases, Imperial

While both these vases are sometimes called Octagon at auctions, collectors of contemporary Carnival call them Imperial Lace. The vase on the right (in white) is sometimes called Lace variant to distinguish it from the one on the left. That one, only found in red and pink, was Imperial's #505 pattern, while the other is their #536 and is found in smoke and marigold as well as the white shown. These are 6 inches tall while the red/pink are 8 inches tall. Neither type was made during the classic Carnival era.

The 8-inch tall vases in red can be found on eBay for between $30 and $40; I have only one pink one on record–it sold for $10 on eBay in 2003. The smaller vases sell in quite a wide range, but a good guide would be between $15 and $25.