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Kingfisher, Crown Crystal

Manufacturer: Crown Crystal
Year(s) of Production: Circa 1920-1930
Pattern Description: A Kingfisher sits on a thin branch in the center with leaves on either side.
Similar Patterns: Crown Crystal Kookaburra

About Kingfisher

Made by Crown Crystal of Australia, these large and small bowls are primarily found in dark (amethyst) carnival glass and to a lesser extent marigold. The sauces (called nappy's) are easier to find in marigold than the larger bowls.The large bowls are typically 9 to 10 inches across. The small bowls are about 5 to 6 inches across. Both size bowls have 12 ruffles, a plain exterior and a ground base. There is a variant with more leaves and berries added.

To easily spot the difference between the Kingfisher and Kookaburra, check this out. (see king-kooka)

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The Kingfisher sits on a skinny branch, the Kookaburra is on a fat branch. The Kookaburra also has a very distinctive tail, looking like 3 long ribbons.