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Ganador, Cristalerias Piccardo

Manufacturer: Cristalerias Piccardo
Year(s) of Production: Circa 1930
Pattern Description: Wide vertical ribs flow up to a ring of beads and then a band of floral and berry sprays with small bunches of cherries hanging down. On larger shapes there may be more vertical ribs above the band.
Similar Patterns: Cristalerias Piccardo Fruit Band, Cristalerias Piccardo Berry Band and Ribs
About Ganador

Distinguished from the other Argentinian banded patterns, this band contains different kinds of fruit, including a group of 3 cherries hanging down (the easiest way to identify it). This pattern is found in both blue and marigold. The collar base on the tumblers has a series of concentric rings with a dot in the center. The barrel shaped pitcher has an applied handle.

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