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Drapery, Northwood

Drapery rosebowls and candy dishes are found in a wide range of colors, suggesting that they were made for a number of years. The rosebowl and candy dish (usually tri-cornered), were made from different molds–note the collar base on the rosebowl and the ribs that extend beyond the base forming small toes on the candy dish. The mold used for the candy dish was also used to make the Drapery vase (see below). A few of the rosebowls have a smooth, rather than knobby, edge. Unlike most Northwood patterns, aqua opal is the most common color in rosebowls, while marigold is quite scarce. In candy dishes, ice blue is the most common color and marigold again scarce. The small toes on the candy dishes (and vases), are very susceptible to damage. Fenton made a similar pattern in contemporary glass that has three scroll feet.