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Chesterfield, Imperial

Manufacturer: Imperial
Year(s) of Production: Circa early 1920's
Pattern Description: One of several Imperial exterior flute patterns with rounded tops on the flutes; handled items have a flat top handle.
Similar Patterns: Northwood Flute

About Chesterfield

Listed in the Imperial Catalog as line #600, many of the items have a heavy stretch iridescence applied. Comes in several shapes including candlesticks, mugs, pitchers, compotes of various sizes and a breakfast set. Any handle will have a flat top to it.The reported shapes include:

Breakfast Sets (including Creamer/Sugar) (see creamsug-chesterfield)
Cake Plates (see cakeplate-chesterfield)
Candlesticks (two sizes) (see candle-chesterfield)
Compotes ( (three sizes) (see compote-chesterfield)
Mugs (handled) (see mug-chesterfield)
Salts (see salt-chesterfield)
Sherbets (see sherbet-chesterfield)
Toothpicks (handled) (see toothpick-chesterfield)
Water Sets (including Pitcher/Tumbler) (see waterset-chesterfield)
Wines (see wine-chesterfield)


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Chesterfield Breakfast Set (includes Creamer & Open Sugar):
Chesterfield Cake Plate:
Chesterfield Candlesticks (2 sizes):
Chesterfield Compote:
Chesterfield Mug:
Chesterfield Salt:
Chesterfield Sherbet:
Chesterfield Toothpick:
Chesterfield Pitchers, Water Sets, Tumblers:
Chesterfield Wine: