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Big Fish, Millersburg

Manufacturer: Millersburg
Year(s) of Production: 1909-1911
Pattern Description: Similar to Trout and Fly in that there is a leaping fish above rippling water with stalks of flowers above and below. The defining difference is the lack of a fly at the fish's mouth.
Similar Patterns: Millersburg Trout and Fly
About Big Fish

A leaping fish is the focal point for this pattern surrounded by foliage. Known in bowls that measure between 6 1/2″ and 9″ (dependent on the edge treatment which may pull the edges up) and come in a variety of edge treatments (including 3n1, Crimped, Diamond, ICS, a round Proof bowl, Ruffled and Square). The edge is scalloped and the back is rayed. There is a star in the collar base. The easiest way to tell this pattern from the similar Trout and Fly is the lack of a fly/bug in front of the fishes mouth and the leaves below the fishes head are NOT bent. The only other known shape is a cupped in rose bowl .

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