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Big Basketweave, Dugan

Manufacturer: Dugan
Year(s) of Production: 1915 Butler Bros Catalog
Pattern Description: Exterior pattern of a basket weave on vases, baskets and punch sets with Persian Garden interiors. Baskets have a single handle.
Similar Patterns: Diamond Beaded Basket

About Big Basketweave
Big Basketweave was made by Dugan (and later by Diamond) and comes in 2 sizes of baskets and vases with one base size. The short ruffled hat shapes are considered to be bases for the Persian Garden 2 piece Fruit Bowl. A small one sold at auction with information stating that it sold in 1923 filled with candy corn for 10 cents. A similar pattern is the Beaded Basket by Diamond – it will always have 2 handles and unlike Big Basketweave the baskets can be found in amethyst/purple and blue.

The reported shapes include:

HoC Pricing Database

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Beaded Basketweave Basket:
  • - A basketweave pattern covers the exterior
  • - Two sizes of baskets: Large and Small
  • - Small (above left)
  • - No bottom rim
  • - Patterned applied handle
  • - Starred base
  • - Sawtooth edge
  • - Large (above center and right)
  • - Large bottom rim-2 types (center is plain rim, right is patterned into the rim)
  • - Plain, clear applied handle
  • - Smooth base
  • - Smooth edge
  • Big Basketweave Vase:
  • - A basketweave pattern covers the exterior going partway down onto the base rim
  • - Two styles of vase: swung vase (stretched approximately 8 to 12 1/2"), unswung (flared from 4 to 5 1/2")
  • - Plain interior
  • - 9 Flames (teeth)
  • - 3 1/4" slightly concave base