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Berry Band and Ribs, Piccardo

Manufacturer: Cristalerias Piccardo
Year(s) of Production: Circa 1930
Pattern Description: A band formed by two horizontal ribs (sometimes beaded) and filled with berries and leaves encircle the piece. Vertical ribs sit below the band. Tall shapes, such as the decanters, will have additional vertical ribs above the band.
Similar Patterns: Cristalerias Piccardo Fruit Band, Cristalerias Piccardo Ganador
About Berry Band and Ribs

This Argentinian pattern is made up of a wide band containing berries and leaves with wide vertical ribs (usually above and below the band). It comes in a variety of shapes, they are only found in marigold. (A similar pattern, Ganador is found in water sets and can be found in blue.)

The reported shapes include:

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