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Absentee Lotus and Grape, Fenton

Manufacturer: Fenton
Year(s) of Production:
Pattern Description: Eight (8) alternating panels of lotus blossoms and unpatterned panels (where a grape motif would be in the standard Lotus and Grape pattern).
Similar Patterns: Fenton's Dragon and Lotus, Lotus and Grape, Lotus and Thistle

About Absentee Lotus and Grape

This pattern has 8 panels circling a central flower with many petals. Every other panel has a leaves and a stemmed, many petaled lotus flower, the alternating panels are blank. This appears to be a prototype of the Lotus and Grape pattern with semi-blank panels where the Grapes would normally appear. One example has enameled (painted) flowers on the blank panels. The bowls measure 8 3/4″ – 9″ across.


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