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Carnival Glass: Reproductions-at-a-Glance
By Elaine Blair


How many times have we heard that someone was “turned off” to carnival glass collecting or selling because they felt the market has been flooded in recent years with reproductions. But how many more collectors have chosen to collect contemporary/modern carnival glass because it is desirable and affordable.

Whether collecting the “old” or the “new,” many new collectors want to be knowledgeable about patterns that have been reproduced so that wise purchasing decisions may be made. Most collectors have interesting stories to tell of how they learned the “hard way” that it can be tricky to differentiate between old and modern. Plus, we all want to guard against that extremely small percentage of unscrupulous sellers who purposely remove or slightly vary identifying marks. If the contemporary glass closely resembles or could easily be confused with the old pattern, it has been included on the list.

The following list is a compilation of information from a variety of sources…standard references in the carnival glass field, information shared by the members of the Hooked on Carnival daily newsletter, and personal experience. Is this a complete list? Assuredly not! More reproductions of the old glass patterns are appearing yearly. Although we’ve tried to make the listing as complete as is possible with the information that is available, there are sometimes wide gaps in knowledge as to who produced the pattern and the variety of colors and shapes that have been produced.

As a general rule (with exceptions, of course), contemporary carnival glass reproductions may have a brighter, more brassy iridescence. Also, weight is often a dead give-away. My husband, Fred, has a saying about the reproductions. “If it’s heavy as you…it’s new.” (Note: “old” European glass may be an exception to both the weight and brassy tests.) Heaviness by no means applies to all reproductions, but the “weight” test may be useful to new collectors. Also beware of any buffed or dull area on the glass where an original logo may have been buffed off.

As with any “compilation,” sometimes even the “experts” do not agree. With the help of the members of Hooked on Carnival, we will attempt to update this list regularly as new information comes to light. I invite all readers to alert me to any corrections that need to be made. Also, please share any new “sightings” or new information as it become available. The on-line list will be updated as information is received.

A sincere thanks to all who are so willing to share their experiences and expertise in the carnival-glass-collecting community.

Key to Color Codes

AO  = aqua opal IBO   = ice blue opal R                = red
A     =  amethyst G      = green Vas            = Vaseline
B     =  blue GO   = green opal Vas Opal  = Vaseline opal
BA   = black amethyst M      = marigold W               = white
BO   = blue opal P       = purple WO            = white opal
IB     =  ice blue R       = red  

Pattern Original Manufacturer Manufacturer of Reproduction Reproduced Pieces Colors of Reproductions
Acanthus Imperial Imperial (pattern similar to Leaf Tiers) bowl, plate B, A, G, M
Fenton (original Acanthus pattern) basket, bowl, plate Celeste blue
Apple Tree Fenton Fenton water set, tumbler Amber, Twilight blue, G, Honey gold, M, Pink, R, W
Basketweave Basket Imperial Summit divided berry basket B, W
Beaded Basket Dugan Mosser basket G, W
Beaded Ovals (aka Oregon) US Glass Imperial sugar M
Beaded Shell Dugan Unknown covered butter G
Unknown water set BA, P, R
Crider tumbler Cranberry ice, IB, M
Mosser tumbler GO
Unknown tumbler P
Blackberry Fenton Fenton    
Boot Imperial Imperial, Summit   Azure blue, Vas
Butterflies Fenton Fenton bon-bon A, B, G, M, Violet, R
Butterfly Fenton



Butterfly & Berry Fenton Fenton bowl, tumbler, vase, spittoon A, AO, Marigold opal, GO, R



bowl P, WO
Butterfly & Tulip Dugan Fenton bowl Golden Ebony
Button & Daisy Unknown Imperial hat W
Button Arches Unknown Unknown toothpick  
Carolina Dogwood Westmoreland Fenton bowl A, Orange/Red
Chatelaine Imperial Terry Crider tumbler W, M





Westmoreland / Levay,

Summit (with Westmoreland mark)

water set, table set, tumbler, juice set


A, B, BO, Honey, IB, Green, Lime Green, P, R, Vas, W
Cherry Dugan Fenton bowl, plate A
Cherry (aka Hanging Cherry) Millersburg Fenton sugar, creamer  
Cherry & Cable Northwood Westmoreland covered sugar/cracker jar A, BA, B, IB, Lime, P, Turquoise, R
Mosser miniature punch / table / berry sets, A, G
Cherry Chain Fenton Fenton bowl, plate, bon-bon A, AO, BA, R
Christ Brockwitz Fenne (old with cold-applied iridescence) Candlestick M
Christmas Compote Dugan Fenton/David Richardson compote GO, Topaz, R



Imperial Imperial chop plate Azure blue, M (Rubigold), Pink, Smoke (Peacock), W
Summit (with IG mark) chop plate

A, Cobalt blue, Emerald green,

Orange, Ultra Blue, Vas

Concave Diamond Northwood Terry Crider tumbler W
Unknown tumbler Lavender
Corn Vase Northwood Imperial vase Aurora Jewels
Fenton vase (HOACGA souvenir) B, R, W
Smith vase W
Corn Vase, Fancy Husk Dugan L.G. Wright vase non-iridized opal colors
Cosmos & Cane US Glass Imperial vase R
Covered Hen Sowerby Numerous companies, include. Fenton Westmoreland, and Indiana    
Covered Hen, Tiny Imperial






Covered Swan English      





Dugan LG Wright

pitcher (old mold)

tumbler (new mold)

IB, P, W



Mosser   BO, GO, R, G, P, W. M, Pink, Teal
Terry Crider tumbler  
Daisy (Basket) Imperial Imperial vase Amber
basket Amber, Azure, Helios, M (Rubigold), Smoke (Peacock)
Daisy Wreath Westmoreland Westmoreland plate Pastel amethyst opal
Diamond & Rib Fenton Fenton vase R
Diamond Lace Imperial Imperial rose bowl G, Pink, Sunset Ruby R


chop plate

B (6-07), R, W


Diamond Point Columns Fenton Fenton vase A
Dogwood Spray Dugan Fenton Bowl Black
Drapery Northwood Fenton rose bowl  
Elk Millersburg


St. Clair

paperweight R
Eyecup Unknown     B
Fancy Flowers Imperial Imperial bowl (pedestal footed) M, Smoke
Fantail Fenton Fenton bowl  
Farmyard Dugan MIMI



A, B, R
Fenton for Singleton Bailey bowls, plates, cuspidors, rose bowls A, R
Fashion Imperial Smith toothpick (not made in old) B
Fenton’s Flowers (confused w/Orange Tree) Fenton Fenton rose bowl A, M
Fieldflower Imperial Imperial water set, milk pitcher Sunset Ruby (R and Amberina)
Imperial/Levay water set, milk pitcher IB
Unknown tumbler A
Summit water set A, Bermuda Blue, B, BA(Black Pearl), GO (6-07) M, P, R(amberina-look), Vas   (may have Imperial mark)
File Imperial Terry Crider tumbler W
File & Fan Westmoreland   miniature punch set made from old compote mold  
Fine Rib Fenton Fenton vase R

Finecut & Roses


Northwood Fenton Mistaken for Fine Cut & Roses. Has grapes instead of roses.  Made for Levay rose bowl Dark carnival, R
Fisherman’s Mug Dugan Fenton souvenir for PNWCGC IB, M, PO
Floral & Grape



Westmoreland / L.G. Wright tumbler A
Flute #1 Imperial

Westmoreland /


tumbler P
Four-Seventy-Four Imperial Imperial (pattern #678 easily confused with 474) water set, compote, vase B, M, Pink, Smoke, R
  mug (not made in old), vase, covered box, salt & pepper, sugar shaker  
Fenton Vase A, R
49er   Crider tumbler Amber

Frolicking Bears



US Glass Fenton

spittoon, celery

(souvenir for ICGA)

Plum opal, R
Frosted Block Imperial Imperial bowl, vase Pink
Fruit Lustre Federal Glass #1914 Unknown


water set

Fruits & Flowers Northwood Unknown stemmed bon-bon P, Vas
Fenton bon-bon Reverse amberina
L.G. Wright chop plate BA

God & Home




Dugan Mosser Miniature water set & table set (Encore souvenir) B

Westmoreland /

L. G. Wright and Levay

water set A, G, IB, IG, R
mug (not made in old) (souvenir ACGA) teal/aqua w/frosted panes
Plate, rose bowl, bowl AO Butterscotch
Good Luck Northwood Westmoreland/ Levay Bowl, plate  
Korea or Taiwan (?) bowl B, G, M
Fenton bowl, plate A
Fenton bowl, water set, hatpin holder, mini-mugs (HOACGA souvenirs) R
Singleton Bailey/Fenton bowl, chop plate G
Levay plate, bowl, rose bowl AO Butterscotch
Gothic Arches Imperial Imperial vase IB, Yellow
Grape & Cable



Mosser Butterdish, Banana bowl Amber, B, IB, M
Water set Amberina, BA, M, P
Italian tumbler M, W

Lamp (souvenir


Fenton bowl, spittoon, punch set A, B, R, W
cracker jar Pink
Smith Humidor (Presznick) M (?), P
St. Clair tumbler A, B, M(?), R, W
Unknown (Made in China paper label) hatpin holder Cobalt
Wetzel lamp Amber, Cobalt blue, Ice blue, Ultra blue, Green
Unknown bowl G, P



Amber, IB


cracker jar,

banana bowl…large & small

Cobalt, IB, P (6-07)
Italian tumbler M, W

cracker jar

tobacco jar


Spruce green


tumbler, spooner,

creamer, cracker jar, butter, tumbler, cracker jar, water pitcher

Grape Delight Dugan L.G. Wright, Mosser nut bowl, rose bowl (watch out for fake N mark)

Amber, A, G, IB, IG, M


Grapevine Lattice Dugan L. G. Wright water set A
Hanging Cherry (aka Cherry) Millersburg Fenton creamer/sugar  
Harvest Flower Dugan Unknown tumbler BO, P, W
Hattie Imperial Imperial bowl, banana bowl Aurora Jewels, Pink, White, Cobalt
Smith ? Light blue, Pink, W
Heart & Vine Fenton Fenton Bowl P (6-07)
Hearts & Flowers Northwood Fenton bowl A, R
Heavy Grape Imperial Fenton bowl A, R
Imperial water set P
Smith bowl

Lt. Blue/Aqua;

Lt. Amethyst/Lav.; P

chop plate Ice Blue, Purple
Heavy Iris Dugan Westmoreland / LG Wright water set P, R
Gibson handled basket (not make in old) B, R, P
Gibson tumbler, water set Aqua, B, BO, G, P, R, Roseline, Lavender Opal, Blue Slag



vase B, P, Vas Opal, R
Fenton water set Forest/Spruce Green
Heron Mug Dugan Westmoreland mug W
Hobnail Millersburg Imperial/Levay Ice tea set M, P, Rubigold
Fenton/Levay Juice set Vas Opal, Canary Yellow
Fenton tumbler B, BO, Cranberry ice, P

Hobnail Swirl

(aka Swirled Hobnail)

Millersburg Fenton rose bowl B
Hobstar Imperial Imperial covered milk jar, cookie jar M, Smoke

table set,

punch set, cookie jar

Holly Fenton Fenton bowl A, Sea mist green
Fenton plate (F. Fenton’s 85th birthday commemorative) Ruby Marigold
Summit toothpick (not made in old) B
Homestead Imperial Imperial chop plate Amber, Azure blue, M (Rubigold), Pink, Smoke (Peacock), W
Summit (with IG mark) chop plate Amber, A, Cobalt blue, Emerald green, Orange, Sapphire blue (turquoise), Red slag, Ultra blue, Vaseline, W
Imperial Grape Imperial




wide range shapes wide range colors
Mosser tumbler P
Inverted Fan & Feather Dugan (Feather Scroll) St. Clair and others tumbler A, Amber, Amberina, B, IB, M, R, W
covered sugar A, B, IB, M, W
toothpick B, G, IB, M, R, W
Inverted Feather Cambridge Terry Crider tumbler W
(?) M tumbler IB
Inverted Strawberry Cambridge



basket (not made in old), tumbler A, B, G, R
Guernsey water set Sapphire blue, cobalt, P
Crider, Hansen tumbler  
Fenton rose bowl, spittoon(?) IB
Bennett tumbler P
Inverted Thistle Cambridge

LG Wright


water set, table set IB, GO, Pink
Crider tumbler Cranberry ice, M, Pink w/marigold band
Unknown tumbler Pale Pink, Aqua, Light Green
Jesus and Maria Candlesticks Fenne (not to be confused with Brockwitz) Unknown Candlesticks M…old clear crystal are being “cold” iridized…very pale irid.
Kangaroo Crown Crystal Unknown Master berry bowl (similar to original molds, but not exact repro); some with number and some without) Amber, Pale blue, Clear, M, Pink
Kingfisher Crown Crystal Unknown Bowls (small) A, Pale blue, M, Pink
Kittens Fenton Fenton /Encore basket, berry set (neither were made in old) (Encore souvenir) Cobalt blue
Lacy Dewdrop Unknown Unknown Covered compote W
Lattice and Daisy Dugan Unknown bowl M, R, V
chop plate R
Leaf Chain Fenton Fenton Bowl R, A
Leaf Tiers Fenton Imperial bowl, plate (similar, but not exact pattern) B, A, G, M
Fenton footed berry bowl A
Lined Lattice Dugan Unknown vase A
Lions Fenton Fenton bowl G, M
plates, card tray (ICGA souvenir) A (some hand-painted 1-of-a-kind)
Loganberry Imperial Imperial vase Amber, A, Light blue, Helios green, IB (Horizon Blue), IG (Meadow green), M (Rubigold), Milk glass with both M and Smoke, Smoke (Peacock), Pink, W
Loop with Stippled Panels (aka Texas or Texas Loop) US Glass Degenhart Cream and Sugar B
Louisa Westmoreland Jeanette (Floragold pattern)

candy dish, plate

(not made in old: cup/saucer, water set

Lustre Rose/Open Rose Imperial Imperial wide range of shapes Amber, Helios, G, M, Pink, Smoke (Peacock), R, W
Summit (w/Imperial mark) Water set Cobalt B, Vas. & others
Fenton Bowl BA
Mallard Duck Tiffin Westmoreland powder jar B
Many Fruits Dugan Westmoreland punch set A
Maple Leaf Dugan

Westmoreland/ LG Wright/ &


water set, table set Cobalt, IG, IGO, M, )P, R
Robert Hansen tumbler B
Terry Crider   Cobalt B, Pastel M, W
Maria Brockwitz/Fenne Unknown candlestick  
Mary Ann Dugan  

Vase (repros have 10 scallops…but a very few old ones do too…be alert.

Per Glen Thistlewood)

BA, M-to-amberina, Light blue, R
Mayflower Imperial Imperial water set M (Rubigold), Smoke (Peacock)
Memphis Northwood Unknown (Asia?) Butterdish BA
Milady Fenton Fenton Pitcher  
Morning Glory Millersburg   miniature water tankard (souvenir for ICGA)  
Nautilus Dugan St. Clair, Summit toothpick (not made in old) B, Orange, W






Imperial Imperial bowl, compote, toothpick A, Helios, M, Pink, P, R, Smoke, W
Terry Crider tumbler M
Indiana multiple shapes A, Amberina/R
Ohio Star Millersburg Smith vase A, Amber, Amberina, G
Levay vase IB
Open Edge Basket Fenton Fenton basket A, M, R(souvenir)
Open Rose/Lustre Rose Imperial Imperial wide range of shapes Amber, G, Helios, Pink, P, R, Smoke, W
Fenton bowl M
Orange Tree Fenton Fenton wide range of shapes wide range of colors
Oregon (aka Beaded Loop or Beaded Ovals) US Glass Imperial Sugar M
Palm Beach US Glass Fenton Rose bowl

BA or purple?

(Fenton color =


Pansy Imperial Imperial nappy, pickle dish, creamer, sugar Helios, M, Pink, Smoke, R, W,
L.G. Wright plate custard
Smith nappy B
Fenton creamer Emerald green
Fenton basket Hyacinth
Patrician (aka Thebes) Marinha Grande Unknown Candlesticks M, Smokey Green
Peacock & Dahlia Fenton Fenton plate (souvenir for HOACGA) R
basket A
basket A

Peacock Garden

(aka Peacock)


(Fenton – 1933)

Fenton (for Singleton Bailey) vase A, P, R
Peacock Tail & Daisy Westmoreland Westmoreland plate Amethyst opal




Northwood Fenton vase P
L.G. Wright bowl, plate A
(?) over-sized N bowl B, G, IG, M
Pennsylvania Tire Ash Tray Westmoreland   Ash tray (original old mold not iridized) Vaseline, smoked tea
Persian Medallion Fenton Fenton bowl, compote, plate A, B, P, Lavender, R, Vas. Opal
Singleton Bailey spittoon, rose bowl BA, Vas. Opal
Pony Dugan Westmoreland /LG Wright plate, bowl

A, M


Levay bowl

Vas. Opal Pearl,

AO Pumpkin

Poppy Northwood Fenton Pickle dish  
Poppy Show Imperial Imperial vase Helios, M, Smoke W
Fenton for Singleton Bailey rose bowl, vase Wide range, including celeste blue, iridized Burmese, cobalt, vas.
Question Mark w/Georgia Belle exterior Dugan L.G. Wright compote custard
Rambler Rose Dugan Westmoreland for LG Wright

water set


Mosser water set Vas.
  vase (rolled edge) M
Regal Iris Consolidated Unknown Lamp (Gone with the Wind) AO, Ice Pink, IB
Fenton Red
Ripple Imperial Imperial vase M (Rubigold), Pink, Smoke (Peacock)




Imperial Imperial water set B, G, Horizon blue, IG, P, R, W
mug M, Pink, R
Rosalind Variant Millersburg Fenton   P

Rose Show


Northwood   bowl (ceramic or pottery…not glass) P
S-Repeat Dugan St. Clair toothpick B, M, W
?   many colors
Scroll & Flower Panels Imperial Imperial vase M, Smoke

Scroll Embossed

(with File exterior)

Imperial Imperial bowl, basket (no exterior pattern) IB, IG, Pink, R, Vas
Smith basket B, R
Shriners U.S. Glass Summit Toothpick (not make in old) A, ?, ?
Singing Bird Northwood Mosser/Summit


vase whimsey

A, B, IG
tumbler Cobalt B, IBO, IG, P
unknown mug AO (old glass, flashed iridescence)
Stag & Holly (also with Bamboo and Floral exterior) Fenton

A.A. Imports


bowl Black, B, Deep purple, Purple, R, White opal
Star & File Imperial Imperial


wine set

Azure blue, M (Rubigold), Smoke (Peacock)
Star Medallion Imperial Imperial compote IB

Stork & Rushes





Westmoreland for L.G. Wright table set, berry set, water set A, M, W
Mosser mug  
Terry Crider tumbler blue milk
Unknown tumbler P
Unknown Berry bowl Cobalt Blue
Fenton Water set R
L.G. Wright spittoon W
Strutting Peacock Westmoreland Westmoreland for Levay creamer, rose bowl, sugar, spooner A, R
Sunflower pin tray Millersburg Fenton for Levay   G
Swan, pastel









Amber, B, M, Pink, R, W



Swirled Hobnail

(aka Hobnail Swirl)

Millersburg Fenton rose bowl B
Texas (aka Texas Loop or Loop with Stippled Panels) US Glass Degenhart Cream and Sugar B
Thebes (aka Patrician) Unknown Unknown Candlesticks M, Smoky Green
Three Fruits Northwood


L. G. Wright

bowl, plate B, M, P
Three-in-One Imperial Imperial toothpick Amber, A, Azure blue, Helios G
covered jar Azure B
Thumbprint & Oval Imperial Fenton Vase AO, PO, decorated blue convention souvenirs
Tiger Lily Imperial Lenox/Imperial water set B, G, IB, IG, M, Pink, P, W
Summit tumbler R
Make in Korea water pitcher M
Tomahawk (6-07) Cambridge Degenhart mark/Boyd Tomahawk in smaller version Aqua, R, V
Tree Trunk Northwood Unknown vase AO (old glass, flashed iridescence)
Tulip Cane Imperial Imperial goblet (8 oz.) Aurora jewels




Dugan Unknown Vase AO (old glass, flashed iridescence)
L.G. Wright Vase Vaseline
Twins Imperial Fenton Rose bowl A
Valtec McKee L.G. Wright butterdish Blue, marigold
water set Green
Vintage Banded Dugan Diamond Westmoreland / L.G. Wright tumbler P
Whirling Star Imperial Imperial punch set (IG trademark worked into pattern, slightly up the side of the bowl, away from collar base.) M (Rubigold), Smoke (Peacock)
Wild Rose Wreath (Miniature Intaglio) U.S. Glass Summit nut cup/salt dip Cobalt Blue, Vas















Imperial Imperial water set Helios, Electric Blue, Meadow Green (ICGA 6-04), M (Rubigold), M w/frosted panels (suede), Pink, P, Smoke (Peacock)
Imperial   Aurora Jewels, Pink





Aurora Jewels


Summit dresser tray (oval) B, G, Pink, Vas, R
Smith bowl R
Imperial milk pitcher P
Wine & Roses Fenton L.E. Smith miniature water set, souvenir for Encore Ice blue opal
Wreathed Cherry Dugan Crider tumbler BO
L.G. Wright creamer Amber, amberina, B, Ruby, slag
St. Clair toothpick B, M
Castle (Wright mold) water set B
Zippered Heart Fenton Fenton rose bowl M
Zipper Loop Imperial Imperial lamp M (Rubigold), Smoke (Peacock)

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A special thank you goes to the members of the Woodsland Carnival Glass Club and Hooked on Carnival on the World Wide Web for the invaluable information they share on a daily basis.

Thanks to the following Woodsland Club members for their help in updating and correcting this list: John Valentine, Rog Gladson, Bob Smith, Glen Thistlewood, Marianne, Ronnie Primeaux, and Pat and Jim Call.

Stippling/Stippled: An artistic effect on the mould that results in the blank space in the pattern appearing to have a rough, sandy appearance.