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Goddess of Harvest, Fenton

A very rare pattern and extremely desirable. One of the few patterns in Carnival glass to show the human face or figure. Known in amethyst, blue, and marigold and in ice cream shape, ruffled, three-in-one edge and the tightly crimped version shown here. The example shown is courtesy of Tom and Sharon Mordini.

[column-third-1]Bowls, ruffled
Marigold, 30,000 (2007)
Marigold, base nick, 6,000 (2014)[/column-third-1]

[column-third-2]Bowls, 3/1 edge
Amethyst, 17,600 (2014)
Marigold, 7,000 (base nick, 2014)[/column-third-2]

[column-third-3]Bowls, candy ribbon edge
Amethyst, 2,400 (2014)
Blue, 52,000 (2014)[/column-third-3]

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