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Daisy and Scroll

It was reported that the pattern is illustrated in the Hortensja (Poland) catalog, but most pieces have been found in Argentina. Known in the decanter and shot glass shown here although an item listed as a blue cordial sold for $210 in 2005.

[column-third-1]Wine set, 7-8 pieces
Marigold, 150 (2011), 250 (2013)[/column-third-1]

[column-third-2]Decanter, 12 inches tall
Blue, 120 (2004)
Marigold, 75 (2005), 55 (2010), 70 (2014)[/column-third-2]

[column-third-3]Shot glass, 2 3/4 inches tall
Blue, 70, 75 (both 2004)[/column-third-3]

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