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Cherry and Cable (Cherry and Thumbprint)

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Some contemporary Cherry and Cable (mostly made by Mosser) pieces are found in both full-sized and miniature versions. The water set shown (above left) is the full size version. This one is purple and sold for $70 in 2001. In 2003, a full-sized set in amethyst with 6 tumblers sold on ebay for $76; one with 4 tumblers for $62. Miniature sets in amethyst bring from $20 to $25 though one sold for $50 on eBay in 2008. The miniature punch sets, like like the one above center, are found in in this green, purple, and perhaps other colors. This set sold for $40 in 1998; a purple set for $35 in 2000 and in 2003, a purple set sold for $29 on ebay. Picture (above right) is an example of a full-sized butter dishes and miniature creamers and sugars. Other shapes known are a miniature butter dishes, miniature berry sets, and large and mini covered cracker jars. A few pieces have been reported in lime green and red.

Full size butter, amethyst, 15-25
Mini butter, amethyst, 12-18
Mini creamer & sugar, amethyst, 20-25
Large cracker jar, 10″ tall, amethyst, 25-40
Mini cracker jar, 4″ tall, amethyst, 17-21
Mini berry set, 5 pc, 21, 16 (both ebay 2003)

Northwood Cherry and Cable