Carnival Glass Vases

Page last updated December 21, 2016

Carnival Glass vases are basically of two types; moulded and swung. Actually, swung vases are simply moulded vases that, once removed from the pressed-glass mold, have been reheated in the furnace and “swung” on the end of a long rod–the centrifugal force pulling the glass into the elongated shape with which we’re familiar. An example of this is the short Big Basketweave vase (left photo) which is pretty much as it came from the mould. It would then be swung up to the heights of the others shown. The tops were often flared or ruffled on the swung versions. In the right photo is a more-or-less typical European vase, Curved Star, that has not been swung. Few non-U.S. makers swung their vases. A few vases were made by blowing them into a mould.

U.S. made vases
Acorn, Millersburg
Admiral, Bryce Higbee
African Shield vase
Apple Tree whimsies
April Showers
Basketweave Tub vase
Beaded Bullseye
Beauty Bud vase
Big Basketweave
Bird and Grapes
Blackberry Bark
Blackberry Open Edge
Boggy Bayou
Broken Branch
Bullseye and Beads
Bullseye and Loop
Butterfly and Berry
Butterfly and Corn
Cane and Daisy Cut
Christmas Holly
Circle Scroll
Colonial Lady
Colonial, Imperial
Concave Diamonds
Concave Flute
Corn vases
Country Kitchen
Crackle car vase
Curled Rib
Cut Flowers
Daisy and Drape
Daisy Wreath whimsey
Dance of the Veils
Diamond and Rib
Diamond Point
Diamond Point Columns
Double Dolphins
Drape Footed
Drapery, Northwood
Drapery Variant, Northwood
#857 Melon Rib
Feathers, Northwood
Feather Swirl
Fenton’s Drapery
Fenton Flute
Fenton Panels
Field Thistle whimsies
File whimsies
Fine Rib, Fenton
Fine Rib, Northwood
Fine Rib, footed
Fish Head
Fishnet, Imperial
Five Seven Three

Five Zero One (501),

Floral and Grape whimsey
Flute, Fenton
Flute, Imperial
Flute, Millersburg
Flute, Northwood
Four Pillars vases
Four Seventy Four
Freehand vases
Frosted Block
Giant Pagoda
Gothic Arches
Grape and Cable
Heavy Diamonds
Hobstar NuCut, Imperial
Honeycomb and Hobstar
Imperial Colonial
Inverted Feather
Knotted Beads
Lattice and Points
Lead Luster
Leaf Columns
Lined Lattice
Long Thumbprint
Long Thumbprint Hobnail
Lustre Corn
Maize, Libbey
Many Ribs
Mary Ann
Melon Rib fan vase
Mitered Ovals
Morning Glory
Nine Sixteen
Ohio Star
Orange Tree Orchard whimsey
Palm Beach
Paneled Diamonds & Bows
Paneled Dragon vase
Paneled Treetrunk
Parlor Panels
Peacock Garden
Peoples Vase
Pillar Flute
Pinched Swirl
Plume Panels
Poppy Show
Prism and Daisy Band
Pulled Loop
Ranger, Imperial
Rib and