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Thistle, Caning Town Glass Works Ltd.


These English vases, about 6 inches tall, are usually found in marigold and sell from $10 to $20. Shown here is one of only a few examples in smoke on the left, as well as a blue smoke one (above right) found by Gwilym Jones in Wales There are two different iridescent treatments in smoke, typically called a ‘brown' smoke or a ‘blue' smoke – these are great examples of brown smoke on the left/center and blue smoke on the right. These are the only pieces of non-US made Carnival glass that I'm aware of in smoke. I've also seen a photo that showed a marigold Thistle vase just 2 1/2 inches tall–so they do exist.

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MFGPatternShapeEdge TreatmentGeneral SizeExtra DetailColorPriceSale DateDamageAuctioneerPhoto1
Canning Town Glass Works Thistle Vase Smoke 175.00 06/18/2016 Wroda