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Ribs, Unknown

This interesting pattern has surfaced in dresser set shapes only (tumbleup, atomizer/perfume, colognes, covered boxes, ringtrays and pintrays), and can be found in the light green pictured or marigold.It could be Czechoslovakian, but the maker is not yet known.Photo courtesy of Kenda & Bill Jeske.

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MFGPatternShapeEdge TreatmentGeneral SizeExtra DetailColorPriceSale DateDamageAuctioneerPhoto1Photo2Photo3
Unknown Ribs Dresser Set Tumble-up, Perfume, Powder Box, Pin Tray Lime Green 275.00 09/03/2016 Wroda
Fenton Ribs Tumbler Marigold 7.50 06/14/2019 Wroda