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Tornado, Northwood

Manufacturer: Northwood
Year(s) of Production: Circa 1911-1916
Pattern Description: 3 figural "tornadoes" go around the body. A variation of the small size has diagonal ribs covering the background.
Similar Patterns: Thomas Webb and Sons Tornado Variant (art glass), Northwood Tornado, Thomas Webb and Sons Tornado Variant

About Tornado

Northwood's Tornado pattern is made up of circular objects with tails streaming toward the bottom left. Inside the circle are raised dots, and the tail has a loop at the top. The vase is divided into 3 panels (a zipper-type vertical line divides them). One version has what are called ribs running diagonally left to right across all open areas on the pattern. The motif looks very similar to some art glass from the time period (early 1900's). The first advertisements for these vases were from newspapers (you could use a coupon to get them for a discounted price) in 1911.

-Small (Regular and Ribbed variation) (see sm-tornadovase)
-Large (see lg-tornadovase)


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Small Tornado Vase:
Large Tornado Vase:
Tornado Vase Whimsies: Sapphire Blue pinched top vase and Wisteria flared top vase