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Grape and Cable, Northwood

Manufacturer: Northwood
Year(s) of Production: 1910-1918 Butler Bros Catalog
Pattern Description: Northwood's main grape pattern with a rope like cable circling the many shapes. Grape vines, leaves and grape clusters hang off this cable. Many variations exist including stippling and the addition of tendrils and other detail
Similar Patterns: Fenton Grape and Cable, Vintage
Shapes in Database: Banana Boat, Berry Set, Bonbon, Bowl, Breakfast Set, Butter Dish, Butter Dish Top, Candle Lamp, Candlestick, Centerpiece Bowl, Chop Plate, Cologne, Cologne No Stopper, Cologne Stopper, Compote, Cracker Jar, Cracker Jar Base, Cracker Jar Top, Creamer, Cup, Cup and Saucer, Dresser Set, Dresser Tray, Fernery, Fruit Bowl, Hat, Hatpin Holder, Humidor, Humidor Base, Lamp, Nappy, Pin Tray, Pitcher, Plate, Powder Jar, Powder Jar Bottom, Punch Bowl, Punch Bowl Base, Punch Bowl Top, Punch Set, Shade, Sherbet, Shot Glass, Spittoon, Spooner, Sugar, Sugar Base, Sugar Top, Sweetmeat, Sweetmeat Base, Sweetmeat Top, Table Set, Tumbler, Vase, Water Set, Whiskey Decanter, Whiskey Decanter No Stopper, Whiskey Set
Colors in Database*: Amber, Amethyst/Purple, Aqua Opal, Aqua Opal Butterscotch, Aqua Opal Pastel, Aqua/Marigold Overlay, Black Amethyst, Blue, Custard, Electric Blue, Emerald Green, Green, Horehound, Ice Blue, Ice Green, Lavender, Lime Green, Lime Green/Marigold Overlay, Marigold, Marigold on Moonstone, Olive Green, Pastel Marigold, Peach Opal, Purple, Renninger Blue, Sapphire Blue, Sapphire Blue/Marigold Overlay, Smoke, Smokey Lavender, White

*Not all colors are available in every shape.

About Northwood's Grape and Cable

This long running pattern with a cable that has grape vines, leaves and grape clusters hanging from it was made in the highest number of shapes in carnival glass. There are many molds that have variations on the pattern (stippled, additional leaves/tendrils, different back patterns) giving a collector a tremendous amount of choice. Many of the shapes came in a limited amount of colors, while others were made in a long list of colors.
This pattern is pictured in the 1910 Butler Bros Catalog and was advertised thru 1918.

Grape & Cable has been reissued by many companies and has fakes as well. (see fakegnc)

There are also some interesting whimsies and variants in the Grape and Cable pattern.

The reported shapes include:




Additional Information

Copyright Gary Sullivan & Steven Lindquist. Used with permission.

Copyright Richard Cinclair and Air Capital Carnival Glass Club. Used with permission.

Stippling/Stippled: An artistic effect on the mould that results in the blank space in the pattern appearing to have a rough, sandy appearance.

Grape & Cable fakes:
Grape & Cable Banana Boat:
Grape & Cable Berry sets (including Large and Sauce bowls):
Grape & Cable Berry sets (including Large and Sauce bowls):
Grape & Cable Sauces (2 variations: one with interior pattern of grape and cable, one with exterior pattern/thumbprint):
Grape & Cable Medium Bowl:
Grape & Cable Standard Bowls:
Difference between Grape and Cable - Grape and Cable Variant:
Standard Grape and Cable Footed Plate:
Grape & Cable Large bowls (2 variations: one with exterior pattern/thumbprint, one with interior pattern of grape and cable):  
Grape & Cable Bonbon:
Grape & Cable Breakfast Set pieces are: Table Set pieces are:
Grape & Cable Candlesticks/Candle Lamps:
Grape & Cable Centerpiece Bowls
Grape & Cable Compotes (Large open, Large covered):
Grape & Cable Cracker Jars & Humidors
Grape & Cable Cup and Saucer:
Grape & Cable Cologne:
Grape & Cable Dresser Tray:
Grape & Cable Hatpin Holder:
Grape & Cable Nappy:
Grape & Cable Pin Tray:
Grape & Cable Dresser Tray:
Grape & Cable Fernery:
Grape & Cable Fruit Bowls
Grape & Cable Small Fruit Bowls
Grape & Cable Large Fruit Bowls
Grape & Cable Hats:
Grape & Cable Small Plate:
Grape & Cable Medium Plate:
Grape & Cable Standard and Variant Plate:
Standard Plate (Old Rose Distilling advertising):
Standard Grape and Cable Footed Plate:
Grape & Cable Chop plate:
Grape & Cable Punch Bowls, Punch Bowl Sets, Cups:
Grape & Cable Small Punch Bowls, Punch Bowl Sets, Cups:
Grape & Cable Mid-Size Punch Bowls, Punch Bowl Sets, Cups:
Grape & Cable Master Punch Bowls (Banquet), Punch Bowl Sets, Cups:
Grape & Cable Sherbet:
Grape & Cable Sweetmeat Covered & Flared:
Grape & Cable Standard Pitchers, Water Sets, Tumblers:
Grape & Cable Tankard Pitchers, Water Sets, Tumblers:
Grape & CableWhimsies: The photo shows some of the different whimsies that were made in this pattern:
Grape & Cable Decanter, Whiskey Sets, Shot Glasses: