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Campbell and Beasley, Millersburg

Manufacturer: Millersburg
Year(s) of Production: Circa 1911
Pattern Description: These 6-inch handgrip plates have the lettering reads "Campbell + Beesley Co. Spring Opening 1911" with floral sprigs above and below. Exterior pattern is wide panel.
Similar Patterns:
Shapes in Database: Plate
Colors in Database*: Amethyst/Purple

*Not all colors are available in every shape.

About Campbell and Beesley

Only reported in these 6 inch single handgrip plates to date. Unusual to have a year inscribed as part of the lettering. Lettering is in center with a sprig consisting of a flower and leaves above and below the center lettering. The curled edge (commonly called a ‘handgrip') can be found in almost any position: bottom, top or sides – but it is only in one position, therefore it is called a single handgrip. The exterior is a wide panel pattern.