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Butterfly Bush and Christmas Bells, Crown Crystal

Manufacturer: Crown Crystal
Year(s) of Production: Circa 1920-1930
Pattern Description: A group of bell-shaped flowers in its center and butterflies in the encircling groups of flowers.
Similar Patterns: Butterfly Bush, Butterfly Bush and Flannel Flower, Butterfly Bush and Waratah, Butterfly Bower
About Butterfly Bush and Christmas Bells

Butterfly Bush and Christmas Bells is a small compote easily identified by the cluster of bell shaped flowers (Australian Christmas Bells) in the center of the compote. Standing about 3 1/4 – 4 1/4″ tall and about 7 1/2- 8″ across the top, the top may be shaped either round or ruffled with a smooth edge. The rayed base has a knob at the bottom of the stem. Exterior pattern is Broken Chain.

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