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Adams Rib, #900, Diamond

Manufacturer: Diamond
Year(s) of Production: Circa 1916
Pattern Description: Tight vertical ribs surround the piece with two horizontal ribs at the top and bottom
Similar Patterns: Fenton #1043
Shapes in Database: Candlestick, Candy Jar, Compote, Creamer, Mug, Water Set
Colors in Database*: Celeste Blue, Ice Green, Marigold on Milk Glass

*Not all colors are available in every shape.

About Adams Rib

This pattern has a wide plain band at the top of all shapes, and a horizontal rib design with close ribs going to the base. Interior is plain. Original pattern is line #900. This is a stretch glass pattern that is collected by many carnival glass collectors.

Adams Rib Breakfast Set (including Creamer and Sugar):
Adams Rib Bowls:
Adams Rib Candlesticks: 2 styles (Blown and Solid/Bell-shape)
Adams Rib Candy Jar
Adams Rib Compotes:
Adams Rib Plates:
Adams Rib Vase:
Adams Rib Watersets (including Pitchers and handled Mugs):