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Optic Flute, Imperial

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A seldom seen pattern–only a few have sold at live auction in the last 15 years. They include these three examples. Upper left: A stemmed spittoon-shaped compote in marigold (photo courtesy of Mickey Reichel). Center above: A spittoon shaped vase in marigold that sold for $30 in 2010 (photo courtesy of Wroda Auctions). Shown on the right: A purple 7-inch bowl. Note that this variant bowl does not have the usual fluted sides (photo courtesy of Seeck Auctions).

Stemmed, Spittoon shaped, Marigold, 165 (2013), 60 (2013), 75 (2014)
Marigold, 5, 30 (2014)
Purple, 45 (2014)[/column-half-1]

Purple, 65 (2010), 40 (2013)[/column-half-2]

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