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Northwood’s Three Fruits Medallion Back Patterns


Hooked on Carnival Research Team


As collectors most of the time it doesn’t matter what the back of a pattern is because most carnival was named for what was on the front of the piece. But if you collect some patterns like Northwood’s Three Fruits Medallion there are 2 very different back patterns.

The first back pattern we want to discuss is called Meander (Meander Back) and it is always spatula footed. The Meander back pattern is seen on a high percentage of the Three Fruits Medallion bowls, at least 3 times more, and in some colors even more than that.  




Meander Back with Spatula Feet


The other back pattern on Three Fruits Medallion is called Basket weave and Vintage. (BW and Vintage Back). The BW and Vintage always has a dome foot. The interesting thing about this back pattern is it appears that the basket weave was added later. We have had the opportunity to look at quite a few of these over the years, and it sure looks like the basket weave was a late addition. This makes one wonder if the Vintage back wore out and they still wanted to keep using this mold so Northwood added the Basket weave.



BW and Vintage with Dome Foot

So now you have it: Northwood’s Three Fruits Medallion has 2 completely different back patterns – one with Spatula feet and a Meander Back and one with a Dome foot with the BW and Vintage Back.

It is interesting that there aren’t any plates in Three Fruits Medallion. Well, that will have to be another day’s topic.