Lettered Pieces

Page last updated August 4, 2016

Early Carnival Glass makers were not about to overlook the lucrative business of providing special orders for promotional items or commemorative use. Most major manufacturers, with the exception of Imperial, made such items–either modifying existing patterns by adding the appropriate design and text, or by creating the design from scratch.

Most advertising and commemorative pieces are in short supply. They were no doubt originally made in substantial quantities, but many were likely discarded as they were viewed as tacky promotional objects. Wouldn’t the original owners be stunned by the prices they now bring at auction?


Bellaire Good Will Tour

Bernheimer Bros.

Birmingham Age Herald

John H. Brand

Brazier’s Candies

Broecker’s Flour

Brooklyn Bridge

Campbell & Beesley

Central Shoe Store

Cleveland Memorial


Davidson’s Society Chocolates

Dorsey & Funkenstein

Dreibus Parfait Sweets

Eagle Furniture

Eat Paradise Sodas

Elks, Dugan

Elks, Fenton

Elks, Millersburg

Exchange Bank

Feldman Brothers Furniture

Fern Brand Chocolates

General Furniture

Geo. W. Getts Pianos

Gevurtz Bros Furniture

Good Luck, Fenton

Good Luck, Northwood

Greengard Furniture

H. Maday & Sons


Howard Furniture vases

Hudsons (Peacock Tail hat)

E.A. Hudson Furniture

Illinois Solders & Sailors Home

Indianapolis Soldiers & Sailors Monument

Isaac Benesch & Sons

Jockey Club

J N Ledford

Miller Furniture

Norris N. Smith

Ogden Furniture, Carpet Co Odgen Utah

Old Rose Distilling

Pacific Coast Mail Order House

Penny and Gentles Broadway and Morgan

Quincy Jewelry

Rood’s Chocolates, Pueblo

Spector’s Department Store

State House of Indiana

Sterling Furniture

Truckey & Sons Dept Store

Utah Liquor Co.

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