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Imperial Grape Spittoon Whimsies

There are three reported Imperial Grape spittoon whimsies–two in marigold and one in green. They were made from the standard 9-inch bowl and measure about 6 inches across and a little more than 3 inches tall. The green one sold at the International Carnival Glass Association convention auction in 2004 for $1,200; one of the marigold examples for $1,100 at the same auction. In 2006, a marigold example brought $1,225. In 2012, a green example with a pinpoint on the base sold for $800.

Imperial Grape bowls
Punch sets, carafes, baskets
Water and wine sets, goblets
Compotes, rosebowls, cups & saucers, shades

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MFGPatternShapeEdge TreatmentGeneral SizeExtra DetailColorPriceSale DateDamageAuctioneerPhoto1Photo2Photo3
Imperial Imperial Grape Spittoon Green 800.00 07/14/2012 Base chips Seeck