Common Geometric Patterns in Carnival Glass

Page last updated January 3, 2016

For a more extensive listing of geometric patterns, click here. Warning! There are 4 pages with about 24 patterns on each. May take a while to load photos if you have a dial-up connection.

Blaze Bowls

Chatelaine Pitchers and tumblers

Crabclaw Many shapes

Curved Star Celery vases, vases, bowls, rosebowls, candlesticks, etc.

Diamond Lace Pitchers, tumblers, bowls.

Diamond Point Baskets

Diamond Ring Bowls, rosebowls

Double Star Pitchers, tumblers

Fancy Flowers Compotes

Fashion tumbler

Fashion rosebowl

Feather and Heart Pitchers, tumblers

Hobstar Table set pieces, cracker jars

Hobstar Flower Compotes

Inverted Feather Cracker jars, punch sets, miscellaneous pieces

Marilyn Pitchers, tumblers

Memphis Punch sets, bowls

Octagon Pitchers, tumblers, table sets, others

Star and File Many shapes

Star Medallion Many shapes

Texas Tumbler Celery vases

Three in One Many shapes

Texas Tumbler Celery vases

Twins Fruit bowls, bowls

Valentine Bowls

Whirling Star Punch sets

Zippered Heart Bowls, rosebowls