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Flashing Star,Riihimaki

This pattern with a large multi-point star was made by the Finnish glass manufacturer, Riihimaki. Both pitchers and tumblers are quite rare. This tumbler, photographed while in the collection of John Britt, is in a light blue. This 8-inch pitcher, in amber, sold in 2001 for $250 (with a chip). In 2004, two marigold tumblers, listed as variants, sold for $25 and $40.

Water sets
Marigold, 7 piece, 175 (2005)
Marigold, 6 piece, 55 (2006)
Water pitchers
Amber, 50 (2010)
Marigold, with 2 tumblers, 175 (07)
Amber, 10, 50 (both 2010)
Blue, 25 (2006)
Marigold, 10 (2009)

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