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Feather and Plain Panels


This pattern has not yet been attributed to a maker, and is reported (to date) in two sizes: an 8 3/4 inch tall vase with a 3 3/4 inch base and a very tall 21 1/4 inch vase (pictured) with a 4 1/2″ base (and it has a 32 point star in the recessed base). It consists of 8 panels, alternating a feather design with a blank panel. Marigold is the only color reported.


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MFGPatternShapeEdge TreatmentGeneral SizeExtra DetailColorPriceSale DateDamageAuctioneerPhoto1
Unknown Feather and Plain Panels Vase Etched "Hale Bath, Hot Springs Marigold 150.00 09/07/2013 Seeck