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Annie's Antiques

Season 1

Episode 6: Cuspidors (aka “Spittoons”)
In this episode, Annie looks at cuspidors in different sizes, including a decorated contemporary piece.
Episode 5: Imperial Morning Glory Vases
In this episode, Annie discusses Imperial's Morning Glory vases, including funeral vases vs. other sizes.
Episode 4: Fenton Orange Tree Plate in Blue
In this episode, Annie discusses Fenton Orange Tree plates and the Bearded Berry back pattern.
Episode 3: Millersburg Cosmos Bowl in Green
In this episode, Annie discusses the Cosmos bowl and radium iridescence.
Episode 2: Riihimaki Tennessee Star Vase in Marigold
This week, Annie shows off a Tennessee Star piece, made in Finland? Enjoy this wonderful piece with Annie!
Episode 1: Fenton Paneled Dandelion Tankard in Blue
Welcome to our newest show, featuring carnival glass knowledge from your favorite place: Annie's Antiques! This week, Annie looks at a Fenton Paneled Dandelion Tankard pitcher in blue.